SSWC Anthology Project

Written By: Roberta Davis


Anthology Project

The 2014 Anthology, “Thinkng Through Our Fingers,” has been printed and copies requested by club members will be available at the October 13 club meeting. Those who have ordered copies, please have either cash or a check available for payment at the meeting. Copies are $6 each.

On October 18, a book launch will be held at Los Placitas restaurant, from 3-6pm. Members and guests are welcome.



Anthology Project


 Specifications for the 2014 Project

We have agreed to publish an anthology to be published mid 2014.  As last year, the primary purposes of the anthology are to encourage our members to write and to provide an opportunity for those who have yet to publish their work in a bound volume. The works to be included are not restricted to authors who have not yet published.  All members are welcome to submit unpublished works as we want to showcase the best of the talent SSWC has to offer.  “SSWC has talent.”

Intent is to include short story fiction, non-fiction pieces of general interest, and poetry.  We also accept a chapter from a work not yet published.  The chapter needs to be stand-alone and perhaps have a lead-in paragraph to provide perspective. 

Your Anthology Committee will review the material and return same for additional work if required. At this time we are thinking that the bound book will be approximately 300 pages; included material, except poetry, would contain from 500 to 5000 words.  Up to three written works may be submitted by one author and several from one author may be included in the volume with the understanding that the first priority will be to have as many authors included as possible.

This is our 2nd book and all members are better informed about the process of critiquing.  Therefore, it is important that we adhere to principles of good writing.  Following are criteria we would expect:

·   The work will have been reviewed for spelling, grammar, and punctuation by a person competent to do so prior to submission.  There are club members who will assist you for a fee if you like.

·   We strongly suggest that the submission be reviewed by a critique group.  In doing so, besides making correction for above errors, the critique group may point out structural problems with plot, suggest changes in characterization, characters dialogue, narrative, and other elements of style.

·   Do not expect the anthology committee to provide the above editing service for you.  If writing errors are substantial, the work might not be accepted.

The committee will only accept submissions in electronic form. We will review them in Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. 

Below is a proposed schedule for the Anthology Project:

·   Submissions should be in the hands of the committee by the March SSWC meeting (March 10, 2014).  Material may be submitted earlier; it will be reviewed earlier.

·   The committee will review the submittals by April 1, 2014.  If more editing is required, submittals will be returned with comments indicating necessary corrections.

·   If corrections are required, the author will have until May 1, 2014 to return the material.

·   The committee will make final selections and organize the anthology by June 1, 2014.

·   The committee will deal with the publisher (POD) with the intent of having copies available by July 1, 2014.

  A check for $10 made out to ‘SSWC’ must be given to the treasurer or member of the Anthology Committee before the final submission date. This will cover the cost of a “proof” copy of the anthology for each author to review for corrections and to help defray costs of paper, ink, final cover design. If your work is not accepted, the amount  will be refunded.

   In association with this project, we would like to have interested members submit ideas for a cover in either a descriptive or sketch mode.  That design should also be submitted by April 1. 

  So, get writing.  You may contact Tom Hessler by email at if you have questions.  We will provide updates as time goes by.

Your Anthology Committee.