Written By: Roberta Davis

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Next Meeting, Aug 11th

Nora Profit, the executive director of The Writing Loft, says, “Anyone can learn to write and write well. Writers are on the forefront of bringing meaning and significance to the events that influence our lives. That’s why writing well and with impact is so important.”  This belief is the cornerstone of The Writing Loft, Northern California’s only creative writing school, founded by Nora in 2001.  The Writing Loft is a unique writing school with a practical approach to skill and craft that is easy to internalize and easier to implement.  It is a place where she is changing the way would-be writers think about their artistic abilities, the craft of writing, and the business of being an author.

Come hear Nora speak on Aug 11th!

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From our  July guest speaker.  Ingrid spoke to us on July 14, 2014.

Hello Writers -
If you’re focused on writing the next great manuscript and planning to create the book parts when your done… think again. Sacramento Suburban Writers Club hosted this Book-In-Hand Roadshow presentation.
Check out “Miffed by the Book Parts”  on
Ingrid E. Lundquist, CSEP
The Lundquist Company, corporate events
      P.O. Box 13207, Sacramento, CA 95613
TLC Publishing, writers events
      P.O. Box 542, Roseville, CA 95661
     Coming soon to a town near you… The Book-in-Hand Roadshow