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2014 Anthology Deadline in March

ANTHOLOGY UPDATE Submittals for the 2014 anthology project are due by the March general meeting (Mar 10). The Anthology Project Committee–April Edsberg, Tom Hessler, Wes Turner, MaryLou Anderson For more information, check out the anthology page.

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Brave New (Web Site) World

Many of you who know me, know in addition to my writing, I design Web Sites and Blogs and other business collateral. Lately, while talking to various writers and other small business owners, I’ve begun to notice a real trend: utter frustration when it comes to Web Sites and Blogs and the most efficient and […]

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I Know Why the Blue Bird Tweets

I’m going to declare this here and now, and I’m going to do it in caps so it reverberates to the ends of the Earth: TWITTER CHANGED MY LIFE. A few years ago, I mocked the people who were all wrapped up in tweeting and follower counting and saying everything in 140 characters or fewer. […]

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