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Written By: SHAWN HANSEN - May• 14•11

Shawn Hansen Marketing SolutionsMany of you who know me, know in addition to my writing, I design Web Sites and Blogs and other business collateral.

Lately, while talking to various writers and other small business owners, I’ve begun to notice a real trend: utter frustration when it comes to Web Sites and Blogs and the most efficient and effective means by which to create an Internet presence.

The once utopian-esque love of the Internet felt by many seems to have turned to a vile, noxious hatred of the virtual world. It appears many people have begun to feel overwhelmed by things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Web-Site-hits tracking.

I’m also hearing laments from lots of people whose Web Sites are too complex for them to make their own simple changes.

Enough, I say!

It’s time to take back the Internet, people, and I’d like to help lead the charge.

What if I told you anyone with basic computer skills could have his or her own Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Social Media Equipped, and Web-Site-hits tracking, multi-page Web Site and Blog up and running in just one day?

What if I also told you you’d be able to add pages and pictures and posts at will using an interface so simple even the techno-terrified can handle it? NO COMPLICATED CODING REQUIRED!

Finally, what if I said I’d walk a small group of you through the entire process in a hands-on, one-day class?

I’m planning two of these classes in June, and I’m knocking $50 off the normal price, so this opportunity is by invitation only. (SSWC members, consider yourselves invited!)

The fee for the course is $225, and it includes 3 months Web hosing, a 1-year domain name registration, light meals, and all the software and instruction needed to set up your very own Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Social Media Equipped, and Web-Site-hits tracking, multi-page Web Site and Blog.

We’ll meet in the Rialto Room of the Holiday in at Folsom and Sunrise, and by the end of the day, you’ll be loving the Internet all over again.

For more details and reservations, CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail.

You can also DOWNLOAD A FLYER.

Shawn Hansen Marketing Solutions

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